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50 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual and physical practice. It’s a combination of breathing techniques, stretching exercises and meditation. Yoga has various benefits, all of which help to improve health and wellbeing. In the ancient Indian text The Bhagavad Gita, yoga is explained simply as “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

I believe that yoga is not just stretching. Yoga isn’t a competition to see who can bend the furthest. Yoga is a form of self-expression, an escape from the daily struggles and stresses of modern life. Being on the mat is about the journey, not the destination. It isn’t about trying to touch your toes, it’s what you learn on the way down. There are a lot of preconceptions about yoga and some believe that is not for them. But believe me when I say that yoga is for everyone. If you are young, old, flexible or inflexible, disabled or have special needs, there is a form of yoga for you. I think yoga is incredible. There are as many as 50 reasons why I believe you should start yoga today.

  1. Yoga improves flexibility
  2. Yoga helps to build muscle
  3. Yoga can correct your posture
  4. It’s good for your joints
  5. Keeps your bones strong
  6. Yoga can reduce blood pressure and your heart rate
  7. Yoga can improve glucose tolerance and can help manage diabetes
  8. Practising yoga helps to maintain your immune system
  9. A single yoga session can lower your levels of the stress hormone cortisol
  10. Yoga helps to lower your blood sugar levels
  11. Yoga releases muscle tension
  12. Practising yoga can improve overall lung function
  13. Certain yoga poses can clear your sinuses
  14. Yoga can improve your digestion
  15. Yoga is effective in managing chronic pain and can help those who suffer with lower back pain and arthritis.
  16. Yoga is particularly good for pregnant mothers and can reduce the length of labour
  17. Yoga can reduce inflammation and can help migrate the effects of seasonal allergies
  18. Practising yoga can regulate metabolism
  19. Yoga can lower your risk of injury by ensuring your muscles are flexible and your joints are well supported
  20. Regular yoga sessions can ease migraines and reduce frequency and intensity of headaches
  21. Yoga can balance hormones and increase chances of fertility
  22. Yoga can lower the risk of heart disease
  23. Certain yoga postures and breathing techniques can ease the symptoms of asthma
  24. Yoga corrects the under activity of the parasympathetic nervous system through stimulation of the vagus nerve. The parasympathetic nervous system relaxes the body and is known as the ‘rest and digest’ nervous system.
  25. Yoga can reduce menopausal symptoms
  26. Yoga can improve your balance
  27. Regular yoga practice can significantly improve core strength and stability
  28. Yoga trains the brain to focus, which enables you to learn new skills
  29. Regular yoga and improve your sleep
  30. Yoga is an effective tool in treating anxiety
  31. Practising yoga can boost your self-esteem
  32. Regular yoga practice can increase your levels of body satisfaction
  33. Yoga can help to relieve depression
  34. Yoga encourages you to cultivate a deeper self-awareness
  35. Yoga can improve relationships
  36. Yoga can make you more compassionate
  37. Practising yoga can increase your tolerance to stress
  38. A regular yoga practice helps you to adopt healthy eating habits
  39. ​​​Yoga can boost your sexual performance
  40. Daily yoga sessions can improve your memory
  41. ​Yoga promotes feelings of vitality and vigour. Relieving stress and symptoms of depression and reducing the severity of fatigue
  42. ​Yoga nourishes the soul
  43. Yoga tones the skin and can reduce cellulite
  44. Yoga expands your consciousness
  45. Yoga protects your spine
  46. Some studies have shown that regular yoga practice can delay the process of ageing
  47. Practising yoga encourages you to be more mindful in your daily life
  48. Yoga can increase your energy levels
  49. Yoga can lower your cholesterol
  50. Yoga improves the quality of your life

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