ॐ Radiate boundless love towards the entire world – Buddha ॐ

Welcome to Searching To Find, a health and wellness website exploring health, wellbeing, mindfulness, meditation, holistic therapies and yoga.

First, let me you tell you a little about me and my journey and why I created this website.

My name is Emma-Jane is and I am 26 years old and in that time, I have experienced a lot in life. I have learned a lot of lessons through my achievements and failures. I have been at rock bottom, the top of the mountain and every possible place in between. For a lot of my adult life I have been asleep, moving through the motions, on auto-pilot mode, moving from one dream to the next, trying to find fulfilment and happiness. Recently, I woke up. This website is about my journey to heal, a spiritual journey to happiness, a place for me to explore different ways to be healthy and happy in this modern world.

In my life I have been an actress, singer, dancer, magazine editor, writer, teaching assistant, teacher and now a children’s yoga teacher. I have explored my creativity and passion to help others and have found myself on many stepping stones to get to where I am right now. I am now in an acceptance phase of my life. I am learning to accept what is true and not live my life by ‘what-ifs.’ I am beginning to learn to love myself as much as I love others. I am finding new ways to look after myself – mind, body and spirit. I am learning to manage my anxieties and fears and give myself the time to let go of feelings that no longer serve me. I believe that every experience I have had in my life, good and bad, has led me to this moment. To create this website to tell my story.

I am currently writing a book named Searching To Find, it is a spiritual book about the human construct of searching for love, success, purpose, balance and happiness. It explores the ideology of people always wanting and desiring what they don’t have in their lives. The philosophy of the book is about the journey to breaking free from societies norms and how to begin to live a free, authentic and fulfilled life. I will keep the website updated with the process of the book and when it will be released. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what I post and I hope you follow my journey to health and happiness.

Sending you all love and light.